Spring 2021 Club Update

Dear Londonderry Soccer Club Families,

We hope this email finds you all well. We would like to take this time to make you aware of the current status of our club, and our plans for moving into the Spring.


Londonderry Soccer Club Board


Londonderry Soccer Club (LSC) provides competitive travel as well as in-town recreational soccer opportunities for boys and girls ages 2.5 - 18, placed on teams according to birth year. We are a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing our community with a positive soccer environment and we are committed to fostering the growth of our players as well as instilling respect, passion and enthusiasm for the game. LSC is committed to development and excellence in individual and team soccer skills at all ages and levels of play. We believe that early commitment to player development establishes a solid technical and mental foundation to build-upon as our players move through the various levels of our training and beyond in their soccer careers. We strive to instill integrity, confidence, the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship within our club as well as provide opportunities for our players to reach their highest athletic and personal potential.



Since adopting this mission statement, we have seen the number of soccer players in town continue to rise. In addition, we have instituted the following Recreational program changes that have led to these positive results.


- Mark Ruest now trains all of the U3, U4, U5, U6, U7 and U8 players in town. His expertise and enthusiasm has benefited all players that he trains.


- We have created "Parent and Me" programs in U3 and U4 that allow parents to be on the field with their child and take part in their development.


- We have established all-girl teams for the U7, U8, U9, and U10  divisions, which have benefited the majority of the girls with a more positive and team bonding experience.  We hope to be able to extend this to the older age groups.


- We have established a relationship with the Londonderry Lancers Boys and Girls Varsity teams to have their players be mentors to our recreational players.


- We have offered a Top Soccer Program for three years now that enables more youth to participate in our soccer organization, and is being directed by Ashley Tebbetts, the Unified Soccer Coach at the High School.


On the Travel side we continue to bring in enthusiastic, professional coaches that continue to develop, and they are overseen by Mark Ruest. Under their direction, our teams continue to grow and move up in the ranks, as well as develop a love for the game. We support Boys U8 and older teams, and our Girl Teams start at U9 and up. Every effort is made to form independent teams based on birth year, however sometimes age groups need to be combined.


We have recently created a relationship with the FC Stars of NH to establish a top level to the pyramid of offerings through LSC, Premier play. This will allow players looking for more advanced training to stay in town and develop to their fullest potential. It also presents an avenue for potential further development opportunities within the Stars organization as a player continues to grow within the sport of soccer.  We want to emphasize this is available to those looking specifically for a premier option; Londonderry Soccer Club is still independently run for our Recreational and Travel level players.  Our LSC teams will still exist. FC Stars is simply another option, an additional choice for the player looking to develop at an appropriate level while remaining in town.


Tryouts for the FC Stars teams will be held at different, non-conflicting times than the LSC - United tryouts. Only players that are interested in playing for the FC Stars and taking this next step are expected to attend their tryouts. Londonderry players who play for an FC Stars team will receive a discount and also have the potential to be able to double roster with Londonderry Soccer teams. Londonderry U10-U12 players on FC Stars teams will train and play home games on our own Londonderry fields.


Londonderry Soccer Club is excited about the changes that have created new opportunities for our Londonderry players. We look forward to future developments that will allow for even more improvements as we continue to work to better the quality of our soccer development programs here in town.



LSC was in the process of transitioning into our new uniforms this past Spring. However, due to Covid reasons that has been pushed into the Fall. We will start the Fall season in our old uniforms and hopefully transition into the new ones by the spring. However, if complete teams get outfitted, they can start wearing the new uniform as soon as possible. If your child needs an old uniform, please contact their coach, or the Board, and we will find something to get them through until the new uniform can be implemented. We will not start this process until after the upcoming tryouts and once teams are established.



The club currently has the following open positions, and we look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested please fill out the questionnaire which can be found at:

https://londonderryunited. demosphere-secure.com/ londonderry-sc-rec-express/ lsc-express-open-coordinator- positions


Treasurer - Board Position

The club's treasurer mainly works with Business Cents to provide our financial statements and write checks. Works with our CPA to make sure our taxes and state paperwork is up to date. He or She will also accept and deposit all organizational funds in a financial institution approved by the Board as needed and maintain and frequently check the PO Box.


U10 Coordinator   

Manage criteria related to the specific tasks of his or her job, with oversight by the Vice-President of Recreational division. Recreation Division Coordinator's teams are formed and played based on age and rules of US Soccer guidelines.


Sponsorship Coordinator

Proactively reach out to local businesses to offer opportunities for them to promote their business while supporting the Club. Develop and maintain relationships and take an active role in developing tiers of sponsorship that work for each individual company's interests. Be the primary liaison with local businesses to market initial contracts and follow-up each season/year for renewals.


Website Coordinator  

Work with the Director of Communications to maintain the club's DemoSphere website and ensure the information on the site remains pertinent and up-to-date.






During these times we understand that it is important for families to have some sort of normalcy. Therefore, the club is going to do whatever it can to help registered players play some form of soccer this Fall. What your child is involved this Fall may not reflect what they have done with the club previously, or what they will do with the club in the Spring. This could mean that ages are mixed, genders are mixed, etc.  The goal is to get players on the field, and this only works if we all work together and are tolerant and supportive of each other. While we will do our best to create a fun and safe environment during this pandemic, all LSC activities are voluntary and parents can choose to remove their player from the program for the season if they feel that their safety and health may be compromised.


All Rec Express players will play at West Road fields against Londonderry teams, there will be no Inter-town. Playing sides might be modified.


The concession stand will be closed, Fall Travel tournaments will be pushed to the Spring, and there will be no High School varsity players mentoring this Fall to help limit some of the public concerns.


LSC will continue to work with Chief O'Brien as soccer opens up. According to his guidelines, players from all towns may tryout for our travel teams or register for our Rec teams buts teams from Derry, Manchester, Salem, and Nashua cannot officially be placed on a travel or recreational roster until cleared by him. 



*Please note that this protocol will be updated as new information and/or guidelines become public. As a reminder, no player can participate in any club activities without a parent agreeing to the COVID-19 Waiver referenced during Fall registration, found here:



In order to open soccer back up, Londonderry Soccer Club will attempt to follow the guidelines provided by the State of New Hampshire Governor's Economic Reopening Taskforce for Amateur & Youth Sports.


However, these are the main points the club is emphasizing:



1. Before leaving home or arriving at the fields for practices or games, each individual player and/or parent must answer the following questions:

a. Have you been in contact with a person with COVID-19?

b. Have you had a cough?

c. Have you had a temperature above 100.4 degrees F?

d. Have you had a loss of taste or smell?


2. If anyone answers 'YES' to any of the questions they shall NOT be permitted to participate in any club activities.


3. Parents need to notify the Londonderry Soccer Club if your child becomes ill for any reason. Please provide your player's name and coach's name. In the event of an illness on a team the Londonderry Soccer Club will inform all players. The ill player's name will not be used in any communications with other players or parents. We are currently waiting to hear from the New Hampshire Soccer Association on the protocol if a player tests positive for COVID-19 and will update this document when we have received this information.


4. Parents will be informed if a player from another team tests positive for COVID-19 and what the protocol will be.


5. A face cover is recommended and social distancing of six feet is advised when players are not actively engaged in an activity (e.g. on bench, at breaks, in huddles and pre/post practice).


6. Players will not share drinks, food or equipment, including things like hand sanitizer and sunscreen. There will be no team snacks, pinnies are not being worn at this time, and there will be no physical contact in the way of high fives. Players should bring multiple game and practice shirts.


7. Coaches, staff, referees and other officials are advised to attempt to maintain social distancing of 6 feet from players, coaches and others when the game is not in play.


8. Masks are recommended for spectators on the sidelines and all spectators are requested to self monitor that social distancing guidelines are being followed.  Individual families can decide which family members wear masks and when, including gaiter face masks.



State of New Hampshire Guidelines:

https://www.covidguidance.nh. gov/sites/g/files/ehbemt381/ files/inline-documents/2020- 05/guidance-amateur-youth- sports.pdf


Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at  londonderry.soccer@ londonderrysoccer.org



The LSC Board