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Our Mission

Londonderry SC Mission Statement & Club Transition

Londonderry Soccer Club (LSC) provides competitive travel as well as in-town recreational soccer opportunities for boys and girls ages 2.5 - 18. We are a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing our community with a positive soccer environment and we are committed to fostering the growth of our players as well as instilling respect, passion and enthusiasm for the game. LSC is committed to development and excellence in individual and team soccer skills at all ages and levels of play. We believe that early commitment to player development establishes a solid technical and mental foundation to build-upon as our players move through the various levels of our training and beyond in their soccer careers. We strive to instill integrity, confidence, the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship within our club as well as provide opportunities for our players to reach their highest athletic and personal potential.  




Implemented Advancements Toward Fulfilling LSC’s Mission Statement
Since adopting this mission statement, we have seen the number of soccer players in town continue to rise. In addition, we have instituted the following Recreational program changes that have led to these positive results.

- Mark Ruest now trains all of the U3, U4, U5, U6, U7 and U8 players in town. His expertise and enthusiasm has benefited all players that he trains.

- We have created "Parent and Me" programs in U3 and U4 that allow parents to be on the field with their child and take part in their development.

- We have established all-girl teams for the U7 thru u10 divisions which have benefitted the majority of the girls with a more positive and team bonding experience.

- We have established a relationship with the Londonderry Lancers Boys and Girls Varsity teams to have their players be mentors to our recreational players.

- We have begun offering a Top Soccer Program that enables more youth to participate in our soccer organization.

On the Travel side we continue to bring in enthusiastic, professional coaches that continue to develop, and they are overseen by Mark Ruest. Under their direction, our teams continue to grow and move up in the ranks, as well as develop a love for the game.

We have recently created a relationship with the FC Stars of NH to establish a top level to the pyramid of offerings through LSC, Premier play. This will allow players looking for more advanced training to stay in town and develop to their fullest potential. It also presents an avenue for potential further development opportunities within the Stars organization as a player continues to grow within the sport of soccer. We want to emphasize this is available to those looking specifically for a premier option; Londonderry Soccer Club is still independently run for our Recreational and Travel level players. Our LSC teams will still exist. FC Stars is simply another option, an additional choice for the player looking to develop at an appropriate level while remaining in town.

Tryouts for the FC Stars teams will be held at different, non-conflicting times then the LSC - United tryouts. Only players that are interested in playing for the FC Stars and taking this next step are expected to attend their tryouts.
Londonderry players who play for an FC Stars team will receive a discount, and also have the potential to be able to double roster with Londonderry Soccer teams. Londonderry U10-U12 players on FC Stars teams will train and play home games on our own Londonderry fields.

Londonderry Soccer Club is excited about the changes that have created new opportunities for our Londonderry players. We look forward to future developments that will allow for even more improvements as we continue to work to better the quality of our soccer development programs here in town.


Londonderry Soccer Club Board